7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Keep Catnip Essential Oil

 catnip essential oil for the body
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 catnip essential oil for the body

Remarkable Benefits Of Using Catnip Oil

Catnip essential oil gives a harmless high to cats and is very beneficial for people. It has above-average quantities of vitamin E and vitamin C as well as antioxidants. The main phytochemicals that are found in this oil work very similar to the ingredients found in valerian, which is a mild sedative.

This essential oil is a potent but gentle sleep aid for people and is able to help bring about a feeling of calmness without having any adverse effects on the next day. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and is safe to use on children and is even better when used in conjunction with chamomile to help a child become calm and able to sleep. Other uses of catnip include its long history as herbal medicine to help reduce menstrual cramps and ease other digestive disturbances.

catnip essential oil uses

1Gets Rid Of Excess Gases

The carminative property of catnip oil helps remove intestinal gas. In some cases, if gas becomes trapped inside the intestines and is then forced upward, it is quite dangerous and possibly even fatal. If this happens, a person can experience indigestion, increased blood pressure, intense stomach pain, and chest pains.

With this type of issue, catnip essential oil can be a great help. It is able to remove gases with a downward movement, which is safe, and prohibit additional gas from forming. Anyone who has chronic gas problems will find this oil very helpful.

 what is catnip essential oil used for

2Increases Urination Frequency

Because catnip works like a diuretic, it will increase the frequency of urination a person does. They will find that they need to urinate more often. Anyone who is dealing with excess water and bloating will learn that this helps eliminate those issues.

It's able to reduce excessive water in the body that often results in swelling for someone who has chronic renal failure by removing the extra water when the person urinates. This means that catnip can be used as an effective natural supplement as opposed to other prescription diuretics. This essential oil helps somebody to rid themselves of excessive uric acid as well as other toxins, which can then help better regulate the person's blood pressure and even help some to lose weight that is caused by water retention.

 benefits of catnip essential oil

3Reduce Stomach Disorders

Catnip works in a way that makes it support the stomach function better. It is often successful in treating ulcers and other disorders, along with helping the body regulate the proper flow of gastric juices, bile, and acids in the stomach. Ulcers can sometimes be formed from the corrosion of the stomach caused by prolonged acidity. This will often happen because of not having enough bile, which works to neutralize the acid.

Catnip is able to help this condition by aiding the body in maintaining proper secretions in the stomach. This oil works with the body naturally and helps it to keep the digestive system in good working order. Many people report that it helps them keep their gastric juices and acids in balance and is able to heal ulcers.

 benefits of catnip essential oil

4Maintain Menstrual Flow

Emmenagogue is one of the properties found in catnip. While there is currently no scientific evidence, many people say that it is able to stimulate certain hormone secretions that positively help regulate menstruation. Women who have problems with their menstrual cycle will likely find that they can benefit from taking catnip essential oil.

We often hear about adverse side effects, but this is one of catnip's positive side effects. By stimulating certain hormones, it is able to help regulate the menstrual cycle. It has been found that it is particularly helpful for women who have menstrual issues related to obstruction or irregular menses. Catnip is also useful in reducing pain and cramps that come with monthly menstruation.

catnip essential oil uses

5Excellent Insect Repellent

Aside from being helpful for the body and mind, this essential oil is an effective repellent for insects, such as mosquitoes and other bugs. A decent amount of scientific research has been done, which concluded that it is genuinely effective in repelling insects and is, therefore, used in many insect repellent sprays and some pesticides. You can use this essential oil in a diffuser, or you can make it by adding some drops into a spray bottle filled with water and then simply spray around the home.

This solution becomes even more effective when you mix it with sandalwood oil. The ingredients that help do this will repel cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other unwanted insects. This oil should not be used in pregnant women.

 what is catnip essential oil used for

6Improves The Nervous System

This essential oil works on the nervous system as a tonic. It reduces nervous disorders that include shaky limbs or hands, vertigo, nervousness, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, sluggishness, lack of reflexes, and even convulsions. Catnip helps the nervous system to be stronger and helps to activate the nerves positively.

This essential oil has diaphoretic properties and is a diuretic. This means that it is useful in ridding the body of toxins, which, in turn, improves it. The oil is capable of helping the body sweat, and while many may not want to do that, it is an effective way of removing toxins and salts from the body.

 catnip essential oil for the body

7Restores The Health Of The Skin

Anyone who is beginning to experience saggy muscles and tired-looking skin can massage a bit of catnip oil into their body, and they will find that it helps significantly. The astringent properties of catnip oil are able to tighten the skin and muscles. Just as you would with any other essential oil, you will want to dilute the catnip essential oil with a carrier oil before you put it directly onto your skin.

Your skin is the largest body organ and living tissue. It helps protect you from chemicals and other microbes as well as harmful rays of light that would otherwise reach more sensitive tissue. The skin also has many nerves within it that help by telling you the needed information about temperature and texture and giving you a greater sense of pain.

 benefits of catnip essential oil

You should never use this or other essential oils on the skin without first diluting it. If you want to take it internally, you should speak with a qualified expert. Always keep these things out of the reach of children.

Before you apply essential oil to your skin, you should put some on a tiny patch to make sure that you have no allergies or sensitivities to the oil. The oil should not be applied undiluted, and in addition to the benefits it provides to the body and mind, it can be used in place of DEET, which is a commonly used ingredient in insect repellent. This essential oil has been used traditionally as an insect repellent. It stimulates cats and relaxes people and has several useful properties for good health.

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