7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Use Catnip Essential Oil

 catnip essential oil for the body
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 how to use catnip essential oil

Health Benefits Of Catnip Essential Oil

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a plant that is whitish-gray in color and is sometimes also referred to as catmint. The plant has an aroma that is similar to mint, and it should come as no surprise that it has much to do with cats as well. We know it sounds unusual, but it is a well-known fact.

When it comes to experiences, cats are going to have a stimulating and exciting time with catnip. This may be a rather amusing reason why we keep some around, but it isn't the only reason why it is popular. Many people also use it for its medicinal purposes, and it is an herb that can show benefits when applied for a variety of ailments.

catnip essential oil uses

1It's Calming To The Mind

Even though your pet may be somewhat excitable when they are around catnip, it is actually going to have the opposite effect when you use it. There is a chemical compound that is naturally present in catnip, nepetalactone, and it is what is responsible for stimulating felines, but it does not have any effect on humans. Catnip is often used by humans as an essential oil because it helps to de-stress, reduce anxieties, and keep the mind calm.

It is the mild sedative effect of catnip that makes it such an excellent choice for individuals who suffer from anxiety or sleep disorders. Insomnia may be a problem for the short term (acute) or long term (chronic). When an individual has acute insomnia, it can often be traced to certain issues, such as family stress, work stress, or traumatic events, and the individual may suffer from it for a few days or a few weeks. When you have insomnia, some symptoms may be experienced, including anxiety, sleepiness, lethargy, depression, and irritation. You may even find that you are unable to pay attention or focus on tasks, and remembering or learning could be difficult, and when you experience these problems, you may not be performing at your peak level.

 how to use catnip essential oil

2Catnip Is A Detoxifying Herb

The stimulant properties of catnip are well known. They can also act as a diaphoretic, causing an individual to sweat profusely. Many people try to avoid sweating because it can lead to uncomfortable wetness and body odor. Body odor is typically a problem when an individual suffers from internal issues, including obesity, kidney issues, and indigestion. The foul smell that is present in the sweat is actually a sign that you are toxic on the inside and that toxins have accumulated.

A healthy person should expect to sweat at a reasonable degree; when you sweat, it can actually keep body odor from occurring, provided that you take a bath after sweating because it removes toxins effectively. Catnip oil can cause the body to sweat, so it reduces health issues, such as high blood pressure, excessive weight, excessive salt, heart problems, fever, and the removal of toxins. Body odor is that particular scent that is often offensive and comes off of a person's body. Many people who experience strong body odor feel self-conscious because of it, and this can cause them to sweat even more and suffer more body odor.

 what is catnip essential oil used for

3Catnip Is Great For The Skin

You can massage catnip oil on your body to help rejuvenate the skin and tighten up loose muscles. This is due to the astringent properties of catnip essential oil, which can have beneficial effects on the muscles, skin, and even your gums. If you are going to use catnip oil in this way, be sure that it is diluted with a carrier oil before applying it directly to the skin.

Your skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it is both alive and active. Your skin is beneficial for many reasons because it helps to block chemicals, microbes, and UV rays from entering the body and damaging your internal tissues. There are also many nerves in the skin that give you your tactile sense and lets you know what is taking place in the world around you.

catnip essential oil uses

4Catnip Helps With Anxiety

The sedative properties found in catnip essential oil make it an ideal choice for individuals who have anxiety, tension, and insomnia because it relaxes the mind and the body. Insomnia may be brought on by many different reasons, including stress, side effects from medications, depression, chronic illness, internal imbalances, too much stimulation, food allergies, and too much use of drugs and alcohol. Insomnia is defined as an inability to fall or to stay asleep so that you get the restful and restorative sleep that you need, and it occurs at least twice a week and lasts for three weeks.

Everybody experiences being anxious, but the effect that it has on the body may differ from one person to another. Anxiety is a psychological state, and there may be many contributing factors that include behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and somatic elements. It is estimated that almost 20 million Americans, ages 18 to 54 years old, experience some type of anxiety. As a result of all that anxiety, it has become necessary to look for ways to deal with the problem effectively.

catnip essential oil uses

5Catnip Helps With Stomach Disorders

It is vital to keep your stomach in good health, and catnip, being a stomachic, is an ideal choice. When you use catnip, it can help to treat ulcers and other stomach disorders by keeping the flow of gastric juices and bile occurring. Too much acidity in the stomach can destroy its lining, and a stomach ulcer may occur.

Bile is essential for neutralizing the acid in the stomach, and a lack of it becomes a problem. When you use catnip oil, the secretions of the stomach are properly maintained. Since this oil also has a robust stomachic effect, it is a great way to keep your digestive system working naturally. Many different stomach issues may be treated with catnip oil, including ulcers, and it can also balance out the gastric juices found in the area.

 how to use catnip essential oil

6Catnip Is An Insect Repellent

Most people use catnip for treating the mind or body, but it has other benefits as well. When it is used in a diffuser around the home, it can effectively keep away mosquitoes and other insects. The effectiveness of catnip as an insect repellent is backed up by scientific research, and it is often used in commercial pesticides and repellants that you may buy at the store.

You don't need to own a diffuser to make a mosquito spray because you can add a few drops of this oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Sandalwood oil can also be added to this mixture to improve the results. The insect repellent properties of nepetalactone not only works on mosquitoes, but it can also work on cockroaches as well. If you are pregnant, however, you should avoid the use of catnip.

 catnip essential oil for the body

7Catnip Helps With Excess Gas

Catnip is a carminative, which means that it helps gases to exit from the intestines. When the intestines have too much gas, they can be forced back to the system, and it could be a rather serious or perhaps even a fatal problem. Some of the symptoms of this condition include chest pains, indigestion, feeling as if you are choking, high blood pressure, and stomachache.

Because of this remarkable property, catnip oil can be of great benefit. When you use catnip, the gases move in a natural downward motion, and additional gases are not permitted to form. If you have chronic gas trouble, you will appreciate using catnip oil regularly.

catnip essential oil uses

There are many medicinal properties associated with catnip oil, and they come from the components found within it. These include bio-flavonoids, caryophyllene, citral, citronella, dispentine, geraniol, limonene, monoterpene, nepetalactone, nepetalic acid, nepetalic anhydride, nerol, thymol, and valeric acid. It is the inclusion of those essential components that make catnip so important for our health.

Some of the various issues treated with catnip essential oil include colic, dyspepsia, flatulence, and migraines. The insect repellent properties of nepetalactone are also potent against mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other bugs. Another component of catnip oil, thymol, is an antiseptic. Catnip is also used for cats to help with training and to reduce anxiety.

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